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Large Parabolic Reflector

Large Parabolic Reflector

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The Maxibright large parabolic reflector is ideal for a growing area where a large spread of light is desired. The lamp is suspended vertically, creating a large spread of light as opposed to horizontally suspending a lamp which offers a greater depth of light penetration through plant foliage. Due to the lamp being suspended vertically there is a reduction of hotspots and so the grower will be able to suspend the reflector slightly closer to the plants and therefore make-up some of the difference in light penetration.

Supplied with IEC cord for use with any 400/600/1000w ballast (power pack) that utilises an IEC fitting. Both HPS and Metal Halide lamps can be used with this reflector

The reflector is constructed from quality grade aluminium and has a highly polished finish to offer maximum reflectivity.

*The reflector is supplied flat packed and requires simple construction. Dimensions: 100cm diameter x 35cm.