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Goldstar 6” Air Cooled Reflector

Goldstar 6” Air Cooled Reflector

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Product Information

A Highly Reflective Aluminium Reflector At An Affordable Price!

  • An incredibly effective and high-quality reflector
  • Features toughened glass lamp cover and v-hooks for easy hanging
  • Runs high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps
  • Emits a wide and uni-formed light output

The 6″  Air Cooled Reflector offers a highly reflective aluminium reflector, perfect for growers struggling to keep temperatures down.

What is the 6″  Air Cooled Reflector used for?

The 6″  Air Cooled Cool Shade Reflector works by passing cool air from the outside, through the lamp using a fan, this helps to decrease temperatures. Therefore, enabling your lamp to produce all the light and no heat. Likewise, its massive size ensures that your plants receive an increase in light coverage and uniformity. You can mount a fan (150mm diametre) on either side of the reflector to provide a push and pull action for maximum cooling. Plus, the air cooled hood increases every lumen the light bulb produces.

Furthermore, this completely airtight unit is useful for growers wanting to provide more light to their plants without causing extra heat issues. Therefore, you can position it closer to your plants to increase yield size without the risk of burning your leaves.

Where can you use the 6″  Air Cooled Reflector

This is certainly the reflector of choice for growers looking for the best air-cooled reflector for small indoor grow areas. Likewise, you can use it with any HID lamp up to an output of 1000w.

How to use the 6″  Air Cooled Reflector    

This reflector is for use with horizontally mounted HPS or MH lamp. Firstly, when hanging the reflector make sure you position in within the centre of the growing space at a sensible height. You may want to invest in either Rope Ratchets or Jack Chain to suspend the reflector. Then, whilst holding your lamp with a clean cloth, gently insert it into the E-40 bulb fitting in the reflector. However, it is important that you screw the bulb in securely, otherwise, a loose connection may cause the bulb to arc inside.

Please take maximum care when using HID lamps. These lamps run extremely hot, therefore you should avoid touching the lamp and leave it plenty of time to cool.


6″  Air Cooled Reflector Specifications

  • 1 x  Air Cooled Cool Shade Reflector XXXL
  • Size: 6″ / 150mm
  • Dimensions: Length – 85cm x Width – 68.5cm x Depth – 24.5