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600w Parbright Dual Spectrum

600w Parbright Dual Spectrum

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The Parbright 600w Flowering Lamp is our cheapest bulb for the blooming stage. Don’t let the price fool you! They are still a good quality option that will give great results. Although these lamps are mainly for the flowering stage, you can use them all the way through should you need it to. As we all of these type of lamp, they have a standard E40 fitting and are suitable for use in all the usual reflectors. They are also suitable for use with any of our 600w ballasts.

The Parbright 600w Flowering Lamp comes from Venture lighting so you know it is well made! They also make the Sunmaster dual spectrum range of lamps as well as the metal halide lamps we stock. These lamps are part of the cheapest lighting kit we sell, along with a Euro reflector and Parbright Ballast. You can find these kits on our site by clicking here.


At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a variety of other lamps available for different stages of growth. The Osram Plantastar is at the other end of the price spectrum, being our best flowering bulb. These lamps are especially for growing plants and the spectrum is such that that there is much more “usable” light available to the plant.