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Cali Pro Bloom A+B 3.79L

Cali Pro Bloom A+B 3.79L

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From the USA specifically created to ensure you get the maximum potential from your crops is Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Nutrients. Keeping things simple the 2 part Nutrient is simple to use just mixing 2 equal parts of A and B Cali Pro Nutrients – in accordance to feeding chart – you will get professional results regardless of your experience and the growing medium.

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow and Bloom

Cali Pro Grow Nutrients will bring you large yields, as your plants are fed a nitrogen-rich formulation to develop strong stems and stalks – ready for the flowering period when you switch to Cali Pro Bloom Nutrients which ensures plants will be constantly receiving all the balanced essential elements required for healthy flowering and fruiting.

How to use Emerald Harvest Cali Pro

Simply mix parts A and B at equal amounts following the feeding chart. Always fill your reservoir first adding A and then part B, after mixing nutrients the ideal pH range is 5.8-6.3

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow Nutrients are available in 0.95 litre and 3.79 litre bottle sizes bringing the below benefits to your plants:

  • Encourages strong stem and stalk structures
  • Boosts plant vital and strength
  • Provides required trace elements
  • Increases nutrient intake
  • Improves yields, quality, and flavour
  • Compatible with all grow media