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Dutch Pro Compo Grow

Dutch Pro Compo Grow

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This one part grow / bloom fertilizer is perfect for the beginning grower, who doesn’t want to use a seperate A+B bottle. All the necessary 14 elements are found in our 1 bottle, designed to support the phase of growth its formulated for; grow or bloom. The high quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.

Plants use a lot of energy to grow and develop themselves during the vegetative phase. A shortage during this phase leads to severe limitation of a plant’s genetics. In order to make sure your plants get all the necessary elements, it is important to provide them with sufficient nutrients without overfeeding.

During the vegetative phase, nitrogen is needed in abundance as it is the building block for amino acids and enzymes. These enzymes are then used to speed up the chemical processes happening inside the plant.

Our Dutchpro Original 1 Compo Grow is an easy to use 1 part base feed that provides your plants with the right ratio of nutrients for optimal performance. The fourteen elements stimulate maximum growth and prevent diseases as the plant grows stronger. The 1 COMPO Grow is optimized to reach EC-levels of 1.5 – 1.7 (it is possible to deviate) for better results.