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GAS White Combi Ducting 10m – 355mm

GAS White Combi Ducting 10m – 355mm

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Product Information

High quality and air tight, GAS Combi Ducting is made from aluminium and polyester mixed with a flexible steel helix to make a strong and long-lasting duct that resists crimping for your grow room.
GAS Combi Ducting is finished with a reflective white covering to reduce the noise from air movement and reflect light and heat, making your grow room ventilation system work more efficiently.

  • Aluminium and polyester bonded with a flexible steel helix
  • Long lasting and resists crimping
  • Airtight to prevent odour leaks
  • White reflective covering to reflect light and heat
  • Available in 10 metre lengths from 4 to 12 inches

How Combi-Ducting Works:

With both an internal aluminium sheath and a layer of plastic around the outside, combi-ducting is much more resistant to tearing than standard aluminium flexi ducting, as well as being fully lightproof.

Combi-ducting is generally used to carry air from your extractor fan/filter to an outlet nearby. It can also be used to carry fresh air into your grow-space from an inlet. It can easily be shaped around corners and will concertina down to a very short length if needed.

How to Use Combi-Ducting:

Combi-ducting fits directly over the flange of your same-diameter extractor fan or filter and an appropriately sized duct clip is usually used to hold it tightly in place. The ducting can then be run to your air outlet/inlet. Although Combi-Ducting works fine when run loose, the noise from air-flow through the ducting will be greatly reduced if it is stretched out as much as possible. To reduce Combi-Ducting down to the correct length, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the aluminium and a pair of sharp wire cutters to snip the spiral wire in the appropriate place.