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Gold label hydrocorn 45 litre

Gold label hydrocorn 45 litre

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Greater Surface Area & Better Water Holding Properties for Rapid Growth and BIGGER PLANTS

Gold Label HydroCorn clay pebbles are probably the most effective type of clay pebble for hydroponic use. HydroCorn pebbles have a much more uneven shape than the traditional clay ball and are shaped a bit like popcorn. Gold Label HydroCorn is RHP certified which means that it is a consistent and high-quality grow medium that’s completely crop-safe.

The best performing clay pebbles out there
Delivers rapid plant growth – roots love it!
Gold Label – a long-standing favourite brand
Greater surface area – holds onto water better than standard pebbles
Has a naturally very low CF level
Provides a secure and stable hydroponic rooting medium
Can be rinsed and re-used
Can be used to top-dress soil or coco to reduce evaporation
Can be mixed into soil, coco or soilless mediums to improve drainage
Allows incredibly fast root growth due to the huge amount of oxygen in the root-zone