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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

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HydroTops Top Heavy Crop (THC)

The common misconception is that flowering enhancers, boosts, stimulants, and PK additives are the best method to increased yields. This is not the complete story when it comes to dense heavy products at harvest as the complete story begins much earlier in the plant’s life cycle.

The foundations of the best harvest possible are based on a fully functional root system, along with the correct nutritional balance at all stages of the plant’s life, a well managed growing environment, and the number of flowering sites each plant can develop.

It is with this last point that THC proves itself beyond any flower booster product available. And just like Triple F, Top Heavy Crop is based totally on tried and tested 100% organic microbial approach to yield increase and so contains no harmful PGRs.

Top Heavy Crop is supplied as two parts:

The first part is a microbial blend which performs two functions.

The first benefit is an increased lateral rate of vegetative growth with shorter internodes and increased branch formation. The second is a flowering site trigger signal response to stimulate the production of an increased number of flowering sites, which means added flowers and fruit at harvest. A supplementary effect of this microbial interaction with your plant’s leaves and root system is an increased Brix (sugar content) content in your final product resulting in denser fruits combined with rich aroma and taste.

The second component is an organic microbial catalyst, which initially acts as a food source for the microbes and then as a specific complexing agent, which is required during the developing symbiotic relationship between the micro organisms, your plant’s roots and leaves.

Top Heavy Crop is used one or two weeks before flowering and until you begin using Triple F. It is also used during the final flushing period. You will immediately see the power of Top Heavy Crop at work once you begin using it as part of your nutrient program.

In summary Top Heavy Crop encourages:

  • Shorter vegetative growth period without loss of yield.
  • Increased lateral branch growth
  • Increased flowering site production.
  • Denser fruit and more abundant flowers at harvest.
  • Richer flavour and aroma from your favourite fruit and flowers.
  • Old school final product of the highest quality.

Suitable for use with hydroponics, soil or coco situations.