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Root Wizard 0.95L

Root Wizard 0.95L

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Root Wizard Massive Root Builder Product Details:

Adding Root Wizard Massive Roots building is an essential supplement from Emerald Green. Created specifically for hydroponics to provide the missing elements of mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria – which are vital for the roots to develop and bulk up.

How does Root Wizard Massive Root Builder work?

Root Wizard contains – plant growth promoting rhizobacteria that colonize the plant’s rhizosphere and breaks down organic matter into bioavailable nutrients – this means your plant will assimilate and absorb exactly what they need for robust – growth, development and then flowering.

How to use Root Wizard Massive Root Builder

Always add water to reservoir first then:

Mix 4ml per 1 Litre of Water in Early Vegetative and Early Flowering

Root Wizard Massive Root Builder is available 0.95 litre bottle size and will bring the below benefits to your plants:

  • Increases plant vitality and strength
  • Bulks up plant roots systems
  • Increase nutrient uptake